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Laserfiche Content Services Platform

Laserfiche is a powerful Content Services Platform (CSP) that provides outstanding Content Management, Workflow, Web Forms and Business Process Automation capabilities to all sizes of organisation and industry verticals.

"Laserfiche scored highest in reference customer satisfaction for value for the money spent. It had strong satisfaction scores overall, especially for negotiation, technical support and its peer community." - Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for CSPs


Read real users' reviews and see how Laserfiche comprehensively outperforms comparable CSPs:


ifTHEN is an authorised and Platinum Certified Laserfiche Solution Provider and can work with you to:

  • Demonstrate and 'deep-dive' into Laserfiche as a potential fit for your requirements

  • Scope, design and implement Laserfiche repositories, workflow and web forms for your business processes

  • Provide training and knowledge transfer to your users, super-users and technical gurus

  • Re-engineer and optimise existing repositories, workflow and forms processes

  • Software licencing and commercial guidance

if you're a current or prospective user of Laserfiche but want to get as much as possible out of it THEN get in touch to learn more about how we can help you.

Content Management

Save, generate and find documents and other file types using a simple, flexible and powerful browser-based UI.

Powerful metadata and advanced search capabilities means that Laserfiche becomes your organisation's single source of truth for content.

  • Create secure, structured repositories to control access and organise content efficiently.

  • Make relevant documents and files available quickly to the right people

  • Control versions and document generation

  • Integrate with your core Line of Business systems such as CRM and ERP solutions.

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Web Forms and Business Processes

Easily design and deploy customised web forms and process flows to streamline content submission required by internal and external processes such as:

  • HR on-boarding, off-boarding and leave requests

  • Customer service requests, support and surveys

  • Purchase orders and procurement

  • Asset requests

  • Document generation

  • Task management and job allocation to your office-based and mobile workforce

  • ... and almost any other process you can think of!

Take ownership of the build process and publish forms within hours, not weeks.


Records and Compliance

Simplify and automate your records keeping and information compliance obligations through Laserfiche's highly configurable Records Management capabilities.

  • Define retention and disposal polices for different information types and use-cases

  • Automate the control and access of records using workflow

  • Protect documents from access, deletion and editing

  • Demonstrate compliance quickly by allowing limited auditing access to your records

  • Ensure deletion and destruction of sensitive information when required

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