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ifTHEN will work with you to deploy a solution that matches your needs - whether it's a simple point fix in a single use case of your business or an enterprise-wide platform that manages all of your content and workflow processes. Our first priority is to capture your requirements and understand your goals, and then we'll put together a solution using our 'best of breed' software toolkit. Areas of business we work on include:

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Content Management

  • Document and content filing using naming conventions and metadata templates

  • Advanced document recognition, classification and data extraction

  • Powerful and intuitive document and file search and retrieval

  • Highly configurable content workflow and business processes

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Contracts and Records

  • Records management for crucial contracts and documents

  • Retention, disposal and acession plans

  • Contract completion and filing

  • Reminders and alerts for renewal and termination


Finance Processes

  • Accounts payable automation

  • Invoice capture and data extraction

  • Integrations with Finance and ERP platforms - e.g. Xero, MYOB, Maximo, Accredo and more

  • Purchase Order management

  • Vendor and client onboarding

Modern Office

People and Performance

  • Recruiting and interview processes

  • Onboarding and offboarding forms

  • Induction processes

  • Review and training processes

  • Employment contracts

  • Health and Safety, risk assessment

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Sales and Marketing

  • Sales contract and proposal generation and filing

  • Marketing collateral and asset control

  • CRM integration

  • Correspondence and client information management

  • AML and KYC compliance

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Industry and production

  • Construction and civil engineering procedures and manuals

  • Bill of Materials

  • Build sheets and workshop process flows

  • Parts and warehouse components ordering

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